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Why the Denim Jumpsuit is Your Best Friend

Yes, the denim jumpsuit is (one of ..) your best friend! It’s a fact: fashion and denim are an everlasting love story. We all wear jeans coming in all kind of shapes and shades: slim, boyfriend, girlfriend, cropped, flare, bootcut,  bell bottom for the bold…. But here is the good news: denim is no longer considered as a casual  fashion item,  smart denim is the new concept coming your way. Meaning you can wear dressed-up denim. Isn’t it awsome? Denim skirts, dresses,  jackets, shorts and jeans are already the basics of our wardrobes. Endless combinations in the pipe line…

Have you ever given a thought of the denim jumpsuit?. I am not talking about dungarees, right? A bit on the schoolgirl’s side  unless you are the lucky owner of the Stella McCartney ‘s version: grown-up, sexy and elegant as seen on Leandra Medine of Man Repeller…No, I am talking about the  denim jumpsuit . All in one. Denim. Magic! And the denim jumpsuit points out in the direction of smart, chic and casual! Right on trend.

I’ve been in a long-term relationship with the denim jumpsuit – or the boiler suit, as they’re now known – but this spring, the relationship has reached new heights. Technically, a denim jumpsuit  is a  long-sleeved or sleeveless top half  attached to  a cool pair of jeans. It’s a no brainer when you lack inspiration!.You can dress it up or down. A jumpsuit is sleek,  chic, figure flattering on all body types and denim adds the casual, cool factor. Because we  all are cool/ chic/ casual /confident girls at the same of time. Exactly:-) That is the beauty of the denim concept in general and of the denim jumpsuit in particular. You are not convinced? Please, let me prove my point in  3 outfits, all in one per say.

The way you accessorize your denim jumpsuit  will take you from a meeting to  an evening out. Call me lazy, but the all-in-one simplifies life! I feel I will be wearing  a jumpsuit for the next 6 months !  There are currently many options available which I love like this   Sea‘s Japanese Railroad style in a lightblue denim shade, perfect for a brunch with the girls . I also like this A.P.C dark blue version, ideal for work. My favourite is this super luxe dark denim overall by  Natasha Zinko, absolutely stunning! diamond shaped cutouts along the bodice, raw edge detailing, and a wide flared pant. You will not go unnoticed!!!

The denim jumpsuit: I am sold! How are you going to wear yours, modern cow-girls?

La combipantalon en jean est votre meilleure amie! si, si!.. c’est un fait, la mode et le denim, c’est une éternelle histoire d’amour. Des jeans, il y en de toutes sortes, de toutes formes: slim, jegging, boyfriend, girlfriend, court, flare, bootcut, pat’d’eph’…On en a toutes dans nos garde-robes! Le jean, c’est la pièce incontournable que l’on porte avec tout, essentiellement réservé aux weekends, rarement au travail ( mais cela dépend de votre job) La bonne nouvelle, c’est que maintenant les Dieux de la Mode  nous parlent de smart denim : le nouveau concept à adopter. En bref, vous pouvez porter du jean en toutes circonstances.  Maintenant le jean, c’est habillé sinon rien. On peut associer une jupe avec une chemise le tout en denim, chambray, bleu clair, délavé, brodé,.. associées avec une veste structurée, et voilà, vous êtes smart, chic, cool, tout ça à la fois!..

Je trouve que la combi pantalon en jean est la pièce qui illustre bien le concept du smart denim. Pour moi, c’est une pièce facile, un  peu comme un babygro  ( sans pieds…) que je peux porter avec des escarpins, un rouge à lèvres rouge qui brille et le sac qui va bien.  La combi n’a que des qualités: elle allonge la silhouette, elle va bien à toutes les morphologies, c’est un 2 en un (pas besoin de se poser de question une jupe avec ce top???…), elle se porte avec des baskets ou des escarpins, géniale en cas de panne d’inspiration…..Bref, elle est ( presque) parfaite!. De plus, on en trouve pour tous les budgets, chez Asos, Bash, Ralph Lauren denim….

Alors, cow-girls:)! comment allez-vous portez la vôtre?

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  1. Mireille, you are rocking the hell out of this denim jumpsuit. And seriously, you look so gorgeous in these pictures. French women are always able to pull of fashion trends long before us American women and I am so jealous!! You guys are so ahead of the trends.. Thats why I love reading your blog and seeing your instagram. You are such a fashion inspiration! Also, how did you learn English so well? If you hadn’t told me, I would have no idea you weren’t from the US.. its really impressive. And by the way, I absolutely loved Paris. You live in such a gorgeous place. Don’t ever take it for granted. The people are so lovely in Paris as well. Everyone was so nice and friendly!!!



  2. I keep seeing denim everywhere as if it is following me, i’ve always been to shy with jumpsuits because I’m too short, I think the time to try it has arrived, love yours, definitely something very wearable.
    have a nice day!

    1. Mireille says:

      Hello Ana! give a try to the jumpsuit. I am a shortish 5’4 and I wear jumpsuits because it elongates the silhouette. Hope to see you sporting one on Instagram or your blog! You will look fab! Thanks for stopping by! xo

  3. Love a good jumpsuit! And great picks..

  4. i Will take and wear all three options you’ve suggested. your looking fab in yours absolutely involve with your classy and chic style x

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