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How to create the all-black look that conveys modesty, elegance, chic, rock, mystery and sexiness

All-black has become some sort of uniform. When I think of the non-colour black, some words instantly come up to my mind like modesty, elegance, chic, rock, mystery and sexiness. Femme fatale like Rita Hayworth in 1946 Gilda Hollywood movie or lady’s maid at Downton Abbey!

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Fashion’s Iconic Capitals: Parisian Chic

As a Parisian, I love cafés on the left bank at Saint Germain des prés, sitting at a terrace and watching hurried people passing by or debating about politics- national sport, going to museums and walking in Tuileries Gardens in the fall season…This way of life is deeply rooted in the history of the City. Looking effortless is part of the game