Leather and Stripes Obsession

Leather and stripes. Stripes and leather. Yes, they are basics talked over and over in editorials and blogs. Every fall winter season, new edits of essentials spring out where leather and stripes never miss to be part of the list. Why? Because they are basics; they will never let you down on those days you are at a loss, without inspiration. They will make you feel instantly stylish and confident at the same time. What is also great about leather and/or stripes is the large offer from designers to high street. Icing on the cake, no fashion faux pas in sight when wearing a striped sweater.

Let’s focus on stripes today. A cozy sweater is a blessing in case of a sudden drop of temperature as I experimented yesterday in Paris. And the stripes spice up the look.  Here, at Fashionaltitude, we swear by these basics any time of the year. You will see a lot of them in future posts!

Well, I still had a cold yesterday and I was in one of those days without any inspiration. Moreover, we had a photo shoot planned at the luxurious Café Marly at the Louvre. In emergency situation, let’s go back to the fundamentals: leather and stripes! I knew I would not feel out of place in the cozy decor of the café Marly.

For the photo shoot, I opted for a striped merino wool sweater with black leather patches from J.Crew, and black leather skinnies from the British brand Muubaa. One good thing about leather pants is that no matter how stylish or badass they make you feel, they keep you warm! I went for lace-up black leather pumps from Zara to complete the look and that was it!

Photographs: Roxanne Jaffard

Special thanks to: Cafe Marly and Margaux