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Fashion’s Iconic Capitals: Parisian Chic

And here comes the last city of the fashion tour with Farfetch: Paris/Parigi/ Paree !

If New York would be the alpha of the fashion week month, then Paris would be the Omega.  Paris : the City Of Lights, beacon of  ultimate timeless elegance, think Chanel, Dior, Chloé, Celine…If  Paris is the home of elite fashion houses, the city  is also  reknown for the effortless chic that every editorial boasts about.

As a Parisian, I love cafés on the left bank at Saint Germain des prés, sitting at a terrace and watching hurried people passing by or debating about politics- national sport,  going to museums and  walking in Tuileries Gardens in the fall season…This way of life is  deeply rooted in the history of the City. Looking effortless is part of the game.

The chic and minimal aesthetic is the DNA of the Paris style. It is reflected in the most acclaimed designers’ as well as in new comers’ creations: from Isabel Marant to Jacquemus, Chloé to Carven…

To achieve an easy-chic effortless look with an edge, I need:

A crisp white lace shirt with floral patterns from Carven. This piece perfectly channels the Parisian-chic vibe.

A khaki draped wrap skirt from Jacquemus for the sexy cool factor. Perfect cut for a maximum impact.

To finish up the look and add a rock touch, a pair of Isabel Marant ‘Arnie’ boots:

And last, not least, give me some fringes by Saint Laurent, please. This suede bag will soften the tough boots and complement the Jacquemus Khaki skirt as well as the fresh lace silk Carven shirt.

What would be your picks to embody the Parisian style?

Looking forward to reading your comments!


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  1. Ines Miskin says:

    Apsolutley love these posts re:fashion capitals ..Mine of course is Paris, for me nothing beats PFW …and of course I would say that , being Isabel Marant biggest fan ☺️ I just love love Paris streetstyle, easy chic with a bit of Marant, and Saint Laurent for coolness .. Milan is more classy , while NYC and London have that cool vibe ….whatever city when the Fashion Week comes , we all become glued to Instagram and other social media ..Wonderful work Mireille

    1. Mireille says:

      Hi Ina! Thanks so much for your comment.I truly appreciate your feedback… We all go wild about the fashion week. So much to see, feel, anticipate about the next season. That is exciting!!! I was at the Bon Marché this afternoon with another blogger and I thought of you when we stopped at Isabel Marant’s corner;-)…

  2. Ines Miskin says:

    Ohhhh so sweet of you Mireille ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Mireille says:

      Thank you Catarina!!! I am so pleased you like my Paris selection!!!!
      xo Mireille

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