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Fashion’s Iconic Capitals: New York

This week we are going to introduce four fashion capitals in the same order as Fashion week’s take place.

Farfetch created this fun piece, Fashion’s Iconic Capitals. The graphics showcase New York, London, Milan and Paris for their style and designer influence. So which girl are you? Will you join in the game? This is so much fun…

New York, « the city that never sleeps » as Frank Sinatra sings along… I am attracted to the edgy energy of the city. You can make things happen if you really want it and work for it. This shows in the multicultural vibration that can be found in designers’ creations. From Proenza Schouler to Alexander Wang, Tibi…

If you are searching for the trendiest and best pieces of every collection. Then Farfetch is the destination. When I say destination, I mean it! Think +300 stores around the globe offering the best of the best collections. Farfetch offers an innovative online shopping experience- instant traveling at the speed of a click. Farfetch is also a concept store with « Lab » brands as well as the anointed fashion houses. If I like shopping in actual shops, I also enjoy the narrower edits and visual merchandising of a digital concept store.










Here is what I would shop at Farfetch to embody the urban nonstop tempo of New York

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  1. I love shopping at Farfetch! They have so many cute clothes! I’m loving the clothing you choose from their site!


    1. Mireille says:

      Thank you Diane! I love shopping at Farfetch too. A source of inspiration with their Lab brands. And great finds on sale:-).
      xx Mireille

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