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How to create the all-black look that conveys modesty, elegance, chic, rock, mystery and sexiness

An all-black outfit is certainly not groundbreaking. A black look is both a no brainer and a life saver on days without inspiration. Low key or chic.


All-black has become some sort of uniform. When I think of the non-colour black, some words instantly come up to my mind like modesty, elegance, chic, rock, mystery and sexiness. Femme fatale like Rita Hayworth in 1946 Gilda Hollywood movie or lady’s maid at Downton Abbey!

I believe it all started with Coco Chanel in 1926 when she said -talking about the women of the Parisian bourgeoisie dressed in colorful dresses – « je vais toutes les foutre en noir pour leur apprendre le goût », literally in English « I will have them all wear black to teach them what good taste is ». Quite a revolution at the time when black was worn by servants or socially inferiors, making them invisible.… but now, it’s history … Black is by all means our best friend. Not to all of us though… It was not mine until recently: I am a dark eyed brunette with a pale skin so wearing black in winter is a disaster, black on black, no thank you… But then, last summer, my hairdresser’s suggested I could try coffee brown highlights to bring some light and movement in my hair. And now, black is back in my life, well my closet! I like mixing textures when I wear an all-black outfit: leather, velvet, silk, cotton, wool …and I could go on forever like this. What is essential is to pay attention to the different hues and textures of black to combine. Otherwise an all-black look is a mess, not a success!

On that busy day involving a lot of walking in a cold Paris, I chose to wear an all-black classic and easy urban look, with a pop of color and sequins: a leather biker jacket over a cashmere knit with silver sequined cuffs, jeans and leather boots and last but not least the famous purple beanie, which you should know by now….

What is your favorite all-black style? tell-me!
Thank you for your comments!!


Jacket : Biker Sweater : Zadig et Voltaire (previous collection) or this one

Jeans : Topshop similar  Beanie: Inverni  Boots : Isabel Marant  Bag : Vintage Chanel

Photography: Marion Liétout @marionlietout