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Beanie, it’s cold outside!

The winter already knocks on our door! It’s about time to get properly equipped to cope with the season frosts. Keep your style cool as the temperature drops! Shearling coats, classic knitwear and snug accessories will make you wish winter would last forever. Dear beanie, welcome back! Easy to pair with any ensemble, whether it be sporty or sophisticated, the beanie is one hat that’ll totally top off your most stylish looks.

Initially, this post was about an all-black outfit but the hero piece of the look is in fact…. the beanie…well, not any beanie, this beanie in a luxe version from Inverni. this one is a purple knit in merino and cashmere with a fur fox pompon. Simple, maximum impact.

It seems this beanie almost has a life on its own.

I can’t believe how many comments I received when I first posted this look on Instagram, it was all for this beanie… « Ah this beanie is so cute » « aw, it’s gorgeous », Hey wait a minute!  I wanted to say…look at the outfit….Oh well, the winner is the beanie….it’s true, beanie, and you are too cute …!

My beanie is already in high rotation, the purple color gives me rosy cheeks, as if I were back from a long walk in the forest. When I wear it, I, well, the beanie gets all the attention. It’s fine with me, it keeps me warm and stylish. This is the perfect winter accessory you can pair with any coat, any shoes…anything really…it’s a fun accessory which will spice up your look on the dullest days.

If you don’t have one, it is time to adopt it. I would rather have you invest in a bright color rather than black or gray… Go bold!

Some inspiration on how to wear the beanie:

Here is my selection from budget to designers. There is one for you


There is this other one from Inverni

And also this one from Gucci


I love this burgundy one from Missguided

Also, this cute red one from Zara

What is your favorite beanie? How do you wear yours?